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With the help of lenses, a high degree of refractive error can be corrected.

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If there are organic lesions of the eye, and visual acuity has decreased significantly, then telescopic glasses are used. They consist of a system of lenses, and the action of such glasses is equivalent to the action of binoculars. The menisci, glued together, do not change the refractive power of the eye, but simply increase the image. Aniseiconic glasses are calculated in percentage magnification, not in diopters.

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The lenses are very convenient for athletes, actors and people of other professions who cannot always use glasses.

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The prescription for such glasses indicates the type of lens separately for each eye. Also, the type of astigmatism is often indicated, and the direction of the axis of the cylinder separately for the left and right eyes. Also, the prescription should indicate the distance between the pupils in millimeters. If the glasses are very complex, then the doctor should indicate the individual characteristics of the patient's face.

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This includes the distance from the eye to the lens, from the center of the glasses to the bridge of the nose, the distance between the temples and other parameters.

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Lenses are made to order. The use Zofran of such a tool has the following disadvantage - prolonged wearing can lead to irritation of the corneaand inflammatory processes. Methods for correcting anisometropia.

Correction of anisometropia is possible only in the initial stages of the disease. It is also possible in severe cases to partially restore visual function. If the first symptoms of the disease appear, you should not self-medicate, you need to contact a specialist immediately.

It is important to know that after contacting a specialist, glasses or lenses with corrective properties are prescribed.

Wearing such devices causes some discomfort.

Vision correction consists of wearing glasses or lenses.

They help restore vision.

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They must be selected by a specialist. Self-selection can lead to a deterioration in visual perception, microtrauma of the cornea, inflammatory processes and edema. Telescopic glasses have two lenses - converging and diverging.

If the difference between the eyes is less than two diopters, then vision correction with the help of lenses is prescribed.


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They are not suitable for everyone. The specialist selects lenses individually for each patient, and monitors the dynamics during wearing. For those who lead an active lifestyle at night, there are special night lenses.

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Surgery is considered the main method of treatment. It is resorted to only in cases where the correction has not yielded results or the disease is in a very advanced stage. There is a laser vision correction. Such measures are taken only after the recommendation of a specialist.


It is also worth considering that the operation has contraindications and limitations.

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If corneal diseases are present, then laser vision correction is not possible. During the operation, vision is leveled with the help of special equipment. After surgery, you can not put pressure on the eyes. Concussions and injuries should be avoided, otherwise the disease will progress.

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Before proceeding with the treatment of anisometropia, it is worth getting a specialist consultation and taking tests. It is very important to follow all the recommendations of specialists in the postoperative period. This will increase your chances of recovery.

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Very often, anisometropia is found in children. If you do not start treatment immediately, the disease can progress. Often anisometropia provokes the development of refractive-type amblyopia.


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If the difference in indicators reaches two or more diopters, then a correction is prescribed, which includes wearing glasses all the time. In childhood, the difference in the lenses of glasses from 2 to 5 diopters is overcome without much effort. In younger children, adaptation is much easier. But in order to constantly use glasses with different glasses, the child will need some time. Correction is introduced gradually. Every four months increase the diopter difference in the lenses of the glasses.

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If you use modern methods of Zofran , then anisometropia is easy to cure. Very often glasses are replaced with contact lenses. This method can be used to correct vision even for a child as young as one year old.

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Very often, myopic anisometropia is accompanied by impaired binocular vision and amblyopia. In this case, the attending physician uses such methods of treatment as orthoptics and pleoptics. With the help of such treatment, it is possible to strengthen visual functions and normalize fixation.

If the disease is not diagnosed in a timely manner and treatment is not started, then strabismus (converging and diverging) may develop.

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